DES AMBALAJ, with its experience dating back to 1999, has been producing corrugated boxes in Kocaeli.
In the sector, it has an important portfolio linked to the corporate of customer identity in Kocaeli and tries to spread a range of products to larger areas.

In our 3000m² high technology production line facility in Kocaeli-Bahçecik, we are able to respond to the need of customers to Corrugated Cardboard and Packaging products.

In accordance with the demands of the customer companies, we produce corrugated cardboard boxes and packages in any color and quality with or without printing and deliver them to their stores.

In our factory, we produce all kinds of corrugated cardboard boxes and packages, from the smallest box up to the largest packaging used in food, automotive, furniture, white goods, textile, heavy industry and up used packages in many other sectors.

Mutual Trust Priority

Our highest priority is to provide service with our friendly, genial and accommodating team within the framework of mutual trust.

Your Corporate Solution Partner

We aim to provide corporate solutions to our partners and we are producing solutions specific to them with our experienced technical team.Our goal is to produce long term effective solutions to our partners.


We have an entrepreneurial spirit. We constantly follow all renewed conditions and adapt our company to continuous innovation with the principle of continuous improvement.

We Make A Difference

We offer difference services to our partners with our own methodologies. We aim to provide effective services by using the applications we prepare specifically for the needs of the sector, the culture and processes of the institutions / organizations we serve.

Satisfaction Is Our Main Vision

Our company base was laid on satisfaction. By determining the needs of all our partners, we ensure the satisfaction of producing the most accurate and optimum results.

We Are Innovatives

We offer innovative and productive services. In addition to taking today, we continuously renew ourselves and think about the future.

Slot-Cut Boxes

Generally, it is a type of corrugated cardboard which is delivered horizontally with the upper and lower lids produced by the stitching or gluing method consisting of one piece.

Telescopic Type Boxes

Packaging system consisting of more than one part; on the top cover part spending part of the lower body.

Foldable Type Boxes

They are usually produced from one piece of sheet, all the side walls and top cover of the box are formed by folding down from the bottom base. Some of the designs of the locking devices carrying handles etc. additions can be made.

Sliding Type Boxes

They consist of multiple parts and are used by moving the parts together and in some cases they can only be used as a carrier frame.

Solid Type Boxes

They usually consist of more than one part, they must be attached to each other by stitching or gluing before use, they are shipped horizontally.

Ready Sealed Type Boxes

It is a packaging system which can be ready to use and can be shipped horizontally by a simple movement which is made up of a single piece.

We pay attention to every stage of production and we progress by doubling our quality.

In the closed area of 2600 m², we are serving with our high-tech, new and well-equipped machinery.

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Kullar Yaylacık Mah. Kılıç Sok. No:14/1 Başiskele/Kocaeli +90 262 373 40 65